• Too Lost To Be Found


    ‘Too Lost To Be Found’is the first track from a collaborative EP between Berlin based Irish/Norwegian singer-songwriter Tara Nome Doyle, and Italian composer and pianist Federico Albanese.

    The forthcoming EP’s title ‘The Moments We Keep’, is a reference to Virginia Woolf’s concept of time, and her interest in fleeting moments and the perception of them being relative. Lyrically, the tracks all orbit around moments that might have seemed ordinary at the time, but which stick with us, reflecting upon the intangible qualities of time.
    As Taraexplains in relation to ‘Too Lost To Be Found’, “(It) is a track about the strange sensation of being overwhelmed with a situation and realising that you’ve been at the exact same point before, experiencing the same problems and finding the
    same solutions. We recognise that there is this mental amnesia that creeps in while we’re not looking, luring us back into old patterns, because there is a peculiar comfort in going back to what we know, even when we know it hurts.”

    ‘The Moments We Keep’ EP was recorded by Federico Albanese and Tara Nome Doyle in Berlin between January and April 2021. It features 4 songs written by the two of them. It was produced by Federico Albanese and Tara Nome Doyle, arranged and mixed by Federico Albanese at Overhear Studio in Berlin, and mastered in Berlin by Zino Mikorey.
    Tara and Federico outline what compelled them to work together on the EP’s songs;

    “I met Federico at Vox-Ton studio whilst recording my sophomore record. Getting to know him during the recording process, I instantly felt a sense of comfort and mutual understanding. And so, when the opportunity arose to make a collaborative EP, I was very excited. Writing to his compositions, I experienced such a sense of ease and natural symbiosis. I love the spaciousness and flow of Federico’s music and it has given me many new impulses and ideas for my song writing.
    It often felt as if my vocal melodies and lyrics just fell into place between his rich arrangements, as if they had always been there, waiting to be found. Everything about creating ‘The Moments We Keep’ felt very organic and serendipitous.” Tara Nome Doyle

    “Tara is an extraordinarily talented artist. I was overhearing her voice while she was working close to my studio. There is depth, fullness, it is gentle and powerful at the same time. Something of beauty really. I remember back then, thinking how
    magical it could be to work together. I wanted to compose something that would leave as much space as possible for her vocals to manifest in the most sensible way. She has embraced my piano compositions and enriched them with incredible
    multi layered tones” Federico Albanese

  • Early Dance (Redux Version)


    For World SleepDay 2021

  • The Twelve - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

    CD / Digital

    "The Twelve" is a soundtrack, but it also is an album very much in its own right, with tracks that stand on their own, "It tells the story of [..] twelve people even without you seeing the film" explains Federico Albanese.

    The pieces invoke feelings of meditation and anticipation that convey a wonderful sense of storytelling, and hearing about Albanese's inspiration for these only strengthens their narrative. Take "The Stars We Follow", a piece as gentle and contemplative as it is powerful. The track was inspired by Japanese master Aoki Hiroyuki and the special practice he developed in order to connect to nature, "It's something between a martial art and a dance. At some point Lucy sent me a short clip where they do a session of this on a beach, and I thought somehow the movements were like chasing stars," explains Albanese, "as well as the general idea of all these elders travelling, and following their own ideas and stars and trying to communicate them with the world."

    The Twelve" cemented Federico Albanese’s abilities to work outside his comfort zone. Being simultaneously able to adapt to the collaborative efforts of filmmaking while following his own internal creative process, his album demonstrates the added value of organic partnerships between artists, "I would say cinema is my second love besides music. I'm probably not the kind of person who is willing to write music for anything, I am happy to pledge to a project when I can see there is something I can give to it.

  • By The Deep Sea

    CD / LP / Digital

    By The Deep Sea is a state of mind in which I find myself quite often. It’s a sort of meditation state, when I try to detach myself from the daily life. In this inner world there is space to get closer to our deepest thoughts, ideas, doubts, close enough to see them clearly, from the right distance, and being able to process them, exorcise them, translate them into something else.

    1. 682 Steps
    2. We Were There
    3. Your Lunar Way
    4. Slow Within
    5. Mauer Blues
    6. Untold
    7. Boardwalk
    8. The Room
    9. Veiled
    10. By The Deep Sea
    11. Minor Revolt
    12. The Cradle
  • The Blue Hour

    CD / LP / Digital

    For “The Blue Hour” Federico took inspiration from the brief transitional state between day and night, writing a collection of chamber-music miniatures that withdraw, explore, yet assert their laconic melodies all the more decisively.

    • One of the most hauntingly beautiful records you'll ever hear. — 9/10 (Drowned in Sound)
    • Crepuscular piano pieces for a quiet night in. — 8/10 (Uncut)
    • Finesse, sensitivity and lightness of touch: all the hallmarks of a great modern classical album. — 4.5/5 (MUSIC OMH)
    • A magical record...lyrical, rhythmic and emotive modern classical sound that enthrals to the last. — 9/10 (Clash)
    1. Nel buio
    2. Time Has Changed
    3. Migrants
    4. Silent Fall
    5. Shadow Land Part 1
    6. Céline
    7. And We Follow The Night
    8. Shadow Land Part 2
    9. The Boat And The Cove
    10. The Blue Hour
    11. Interlude
    12. My Piano Night
    13. Stellify
  • The Houseboat and the Moon

    CD / 2x12” / Digital

    Federico found a place, an imaginary place, where, whenever he wanted to, he could jump on and just float away. On this moving shelter, traveling across memories and imagination, lulled by water and led by the moon, Federico wrote the 13 compositions of his debut.

    1. Beyond the Milk Wood
    2. Disclosed
    3. Carousel #3
    4. Queen and Wonder
    5. Carousel #1
    6. Double Vision
    7. Kato
    8. Lichtung
    9. Beside You
    10. Secret Room
    11. The Sudden Sympathy
    12. Sphere
    13. Space in Between
  • The Houseboat and the Moon Reworked

    CD / 12”/ Digital

    The Houseboat and the Moon Reworked is a series of collaborations between Federico Albanese and various producers. These pieces combine elements of contemporary classical and film music with all sorts of electronics thrown into the mix. What is left is highly expansive and intense soundscapes, which float and drive to various destinations.

    1. Disclosed (Rework by John Lemke)
    2. Carousel #3 (Rework by Cassegrain)
    3. Queen and Wonder (Rework by Franz Kirmann)
    4. Beyond the Milk Wood (Rework by Saffronkeira)